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Do it yourself laundry facility, open 7 days a week, 8:00am to 6:00 pm Tokens available on the fuel dock and in gift store.

Clean, Hot Showers

Marine Ships Store: 

Largest Selection of Rods & Fishing Tackle on Island

Bait: ballyhoo, squid, shrimp, minnows

Souvenirs & Clothing

 Dry Storage up to 10 tons

Deep Water Dockage

Mechanic on Duty Monday-Friday

60Kw Standby Generator

Snacks and soft drinks available

Cottage Rentals

 Hopetown Wine and Spirits (open soon)

For additional information please contact the Marina Office at (242)577-0283 or email us.



Fiberglass Repair - $85 per hour.

Engine Fogging (Long Term Storage):

$50 (2 cyl) $65(3 cyl) $85 (4 & 6 cyl)
Bright Work - $40 per hour.
Mechanic - $85 per hour.
Cleaning - $32 per hour.
Do It Yourself - $40 per day.

Battery Charging

Hauling to 10 tons
Pressure Cleaning - $6 per foot, $8 per foot twin hulls.

Bottom Painting - $38 per hour.
Storage Prep - $60 per hour.
Launch Prep - $60 per hour.
Forklift Services $90 per hour.

Compound/Waxing - $40 per hour

Mechanic Services Monday-Friday

Please Note There is a 10% VAT Tax On All Services

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